What are the adventages of renting your property through Brussels Realty?

Our perfect knowledge of the rental market allows us to rent your property quickly and stress-free!

We take care of the visits until the signature of the lease agreement and we commit to always seek for quality tenants.

The choice of the tenant will be done based on a thorough check to ensure solvability and you will be provided with the resulting report containing all necessary information.

We will of course take care of preparing the lease agreement updated with the latest rules and legislation.

On top of that, if you desire so, we can also provide you with an insurance covering non-payment of rent and vacancies.

We are committed to provide you services to the highest standards!

Our fees:

Rental: one month of rent + VAT, that is 121 % of a month of rent VAT included.

Rental management: 8% VAT not included, that is 9,68 % VAT included.

Evaluation of the rent you can ask for your property:

You are an owner and you want to know the rent you can ask for your property?

First our Team will send an agent to visit your property

We will then transmit you a free evaluation report within 48 hours! The report is done collegially for free, taking into account a number of key variables: location, orientation, layout, size and state of the property, 

You can contact us either on 0479.219.966, or on info@brussels-realty.com, or by clicking here !